Below are links to all IRLT/IRDL reports in PDF  file format. You will need Acrobat® Reader® to view them. 

You can find reference details for IRLT members’ articles, chapters, published conference proceedings, and books in the Annual Reports.

Annual Reports and Plans

Occasional Reports

  • E-Learning Business Case for York University (PDF)

Technical Reports

  • 2013-1 Evaluation Of Blended Learning Courses in the Faculty of Fine Arts: Second Evaluation Annual Report, 2012-2013
  • 2013-2 Evaluation of Blended and Online Learning Courses in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, and the Faculty of Health: Second Evaluation Annual Report, 2012-2013

  • 2012-3 Evaluation Of Blended Learning Courses In The Faculty Of Liberal Arts And Professional Studies And The Faculty Of Health – Winter Session 2012
  • 2012-4 Evaluation of Blended Learning Courses in the Faculty of Fine Arts – Fall/Winter Session 2011-2012

  • 2010-1 Evaluation of the Learning Connections Program 2008-09: Summary Report
  • 2010-2 Online Teacher Learning Communities: A Literature Review
  • 2010-3 Learning Connections Research Report 2010: The Learning Connections Champions
  • 2010-4 Faculty of Health eLearning Pilot: Evaluation Report

  • 2009-5 Blended Learning for Soft Skills Development: Testing a Four-Level Framework for Integrating Work and Learning to Maximize Personal Practice and Job Performance

  • 2008-1 Knight Elimar’s Last Joust Game Field Trial Report
  • 2008-2 “Voulez-Vous Jouer?” [Do you want to play?]: Game Development and Play for Enhancing Literacy

  • 2007-1 Learning Connections Phase Three Report
  • 2007-2 ABEL Participant Experience Evaluation
  • 2007-3 Computer Game Development as a Literacy Activity
  • 2007-4 A Study of Classroom Use of Educational Games and Simulations for Literacy Skills Development: A qualitative sub-study of two schools

  • 2006-1 Learning Connections Phase Two Report
  • 2006-2 Tablet PC Use at Northern Lights Public School: A Follow-up Evaluation

  • 2005-1 The Final Report on the Evaluation of the Science and Technology Program of the Teacher eLearning Project

  • 2004-1 The ABEL Project Final Report (full report) 
  • 2004-1 The ABEL Project Final Report (Executive Summary)
  • 2004-2 Evaluation of the Mathematics Program of the Teacher eLearning Project
  • 2004-3 Health Canada’s Skills Enhancement for Health Surveillance
  • 2004-4 Tablet PC use at Northern Lights Public School
  • 2004-5 Blended Learning Practices at COHERE Universities

  • 2003-1 A Study of Student Use of E-resources in a Large Undergraduate Course
  • 2003-2 The ABEL Project: First Interim Evaluation Report

  • 2001-1 Determining the Web Presence of Faculty-authored Websites

  • 2000-2 Learning with eMates in Etobicoke: Final Project Report

  • 1999-1 Internet-Based Courses at Atkinson College: An Initial Assessment

  • 1998-1 A Formative Evaluation of the VITAL Tutorial “Introduction to Computer Technology”
  • 1998-2 A Case Study of Writers in Electronic Residence: Student and Teacher Experiences
  • 1998-3 Teacher Factors that Contribute to Implementation Success in Telelearning Networks